Blogging for business

Does My Business Need To Blog?

In a nutshell, yes – as a business, you should be blogging.  Even more importantly, you should be blogging regularly.  Blogging isn’t necessarily easy, and does take time and a good deal of effort and commitment, so why is blogging worth all this effort? Blogging offers your business the chance to either create a relationship […]

social media management

Tips for managing your social media accounts

In a world where the internet never sleeps it can sometimes seem impossible to keep up with your social media presence, particularly if you have a global business. However, we know that in order to meet customer demands and expectations, it is vital to embrace and utilise social media to the fullest effect. So how […]

Optimized-Web Design

The essential elements needed to make a great website

In this digital age every business needs a website, but with so much competition out there, you need yours to stand out from the rest. Here are the essential elements you need to make your website great. An attention grabbing headline. As the first thing your audience sees, it should describe the most important benefits […]


Selling on Social Media – the Do’s and Don’ts

Social media has evolved into a multi-purpose platform where you can now sell your product or service to a worldwide audience. However, it can be easy to come across as unknowledgeable, unprofessional or pushy, and there are social media etiquettes that should be followed in order to get the respect of your potential customers. We […]

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Subliminal Advertising within the Social Media Arena

Subliminal advertising uses words, images and sounds to appeal to our subconscious mind and can be very powerful within the social media area. From the subtle product placement to a brand-less video, we are going to look at some examples of effective subliminal advertising. Most subliminal advertising focuses on promoting either the product or brand, […]